5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering Custom Wooden Furniture

You’ve been looking for a storage solution or piece of furniture for a while, but you can’t seem to find anything that perfectly fits the bill.

Realising that a custom piece of furniture could be the ideal solution, you are now querying how to order one.

Below we detail out some questions you should be asking yourself before contacting a joinery workshop. 

5 questions to ask yourself when considering a custom piece of wooden furniture.

#1 Does the product need to fit in a particular space ? 

This will determine if measurements need to be accurate to fit snugly into a certain area of a room, perhaps in an alcove, under the stairs or even a straight wall for a full length storage solution. 

#2 Does it need to be designed to suit a particular item? 

An example of a storage unit for a boot room is that it needs to be designed to suit the largest size of boots/shoes to be most efficient in its use. You’ll need to find the length & height!

#3 What do you want the products to be made from? 

Perhaps you want to match another item within your property or you’ve seen something you like online. We can help guide you so that you find a colour and texture of timber that you like as well as considering the right characteristics for durability. Ie Hardwood vs Softwood. 

#4 Do you have a design in mind? 

Although not essential it can help speed up the design process, whether it’s a sketch on a piece of paper or a photo of one you’ve seen.  We will then take this initial concept and work it so that the infrastructure can stand the test of time and look stunning too.

#5 What is your budget? 

This is always a hard question for people to visualise. Our costs are made up of two key fractions. Firstly the cost of materials and secondly the labour of manufacturing the product and a lot of that depends on the intricacy of the design

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#6 Do you need someone to install the item ?

The core or our work takes place in the workshop, and a lot of our clients choose to collect the items and install them themselves. We will happily support small installations, anything larger we will refer you to someone in our trusted network of contractors. This is because our time is best spent in the workshop, machining and manufacturing products.

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