Case Study: Rossie Young People's Trust

Martin Brown is the service manager at Rossie, a Scottish Charity based just outside of Montrose that aims to protect and improve the wellbeing of young people aged 12-18.

It is 157 acres in size and employs over 160 people from the local area. Due to the scale, forward progression and nature of the business there is a regular demand for hard wearing, bespoke wooden furnishings.

Prior to working with MJM, Rossie has used a number of local suppliers however they never got the quality of finish or the durability required.


MJM was first contacted by Rossie at the end of 2016; initially it was a few one-off jobs but the partnership has developed hugely over the past 4 years with more frequent and larger orders being placed.

Regular projects include door sets, fixed furniture and entire reception frontages with and without glazed sections. The brief always involves a bespoke design and needs to be nice to look at as well as hard wearing.

“We are always needing bespoke furnishings, and in a hurry. That is so much easier if you find a supplier that is only a phone call away and that you can trust to just get on with the job.”


“We manage over 60 suppliers, many of them local. Stevie and his team are always ready for a challenge.

The pricing is fair, the customer service is excellent and he always tries to accommodate everything you need, rather than just defaulting back to a standard design format. He seems to ask all the right questions so that he can identify potential weaknesses in the design before manufacturing or repairing an item.

Once complete he delivers them onsite ready to be installed, making the whole experience as straightforward as possible.”

Martin Brown – Service Manager
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