Case Study: Pert Bruce
Craig Bruce, Managing Director of Pert Bruce Construction has been personally intertwined with the history of MJM’s joinery workshop for over 14 years.

Not only did Stevie serve his time with the company as an Apprentice workshop joiner, but the Bruce family have had joinery at their hearts since 1871, spanning 6 generations, some of which has taken place in that very workshop space.

In 2015, Craig and the board of Directors at Pert Bruce realised that there was little succession plan in place for the joinery workshop, however the function played an important part in the company's ability to deliver bespoke services to their clients. With Stevie still a craftsman at heart, Craig approached him about taking on the opportunity as a seperate business venture and making it his own.

“It was important that we found the right person to take on the joinery workshop. We wanted them to have the same high quality work ethic as us; where they would look after their customers; providing a quick turnaround on projects but without compromising on quality.”
Craig Bruce – Managing Director

Although MJM was now trading as a separate business, Pert Bruce still needed the services of an on-site and reactive joinery workshop and while there were other providers in the North East Craig didn’t want to lose touch with his heritage and just be a number on a manufacturing order form. He needed communication to be easy, with designs, costs and products turned around quickly, with the ability to still have an overview of the process.

“In construction minutes can quite quickly count up, and inefficient communication can easily lead to delays, mistakes and unhappy customers. Having had Stevie on our staffing list before, we knew he would integrate well with our team and understand client pressures. The site teams reach out to him by phone or email with client queries and he almost immediately provides a response rather than us having to wait days.”

Providing an assortment of timber products from sash & case windows and replica doors for renovation projects, to accent details on custom new builds such as one-off staircases, wine bars, boot cupboards to tailored storage and shelving solutions.

“We have now used MJM for a number of years and they continue to provide excellent service. They are thoughtful to our client needs, providing advice when needed and consistently manufacturing first class, quality timber products.

We are proud to work alongside Maddock Joinery Manufacture and don't just see them as a subcontractor, Stevie is part of the team - we happily recommend them to others.”

Craig Bruce - Managing Director
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