How much will my job cost?

It'll be no surprise to you that we hear this question all the time. We want to be as up-front about our pricing as we can be, but the short answer is – it depends!

The cost of a particular job will vary depending on a few key factors including the complexity of the project, time involved and the materials required. After all, different types of wood come in at different prices, and this too can vary from time to time.

That being said, we have laid out a few examples below of jobs we have worked on, to give you a rough idea of what to expect when you work with us.

Indicative Pricing
Exterior door set in hardwood
£1000 +VAT (Fully Finished)
Sash and case window
(double glazed)
£1300 +VAT (Fully Finished)
Staircase in Pine
£1600 +VAT
Custom reception desk
£1200 +VAT
Custom storage unit in MFC
£550 +VAT
Running skirting for one room to match a supplied sample
£200 +VAT
Please note that these are indicative costs – each job is unique and is priced accordingly. Prices here are approximate and for manufacture only (i.e. does not include fitting).
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